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The proposed armored vehicle system X is a hybrid-driven multi- unit* system that can be configured for different missions and environments, accordingly. 
Elif Erdoğdu, Kürşad Özdemir, Serdar Songür, Tarık Emre Kırhallı
FNSS Mildesign 2019 Award Winner
System X
Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 23.43.18.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 23.43.33.png
system x_02.jpg
The system has 2 basic components:

• propulsion unit (manual / remote / autonomous control)
• main unit

Both units are capable of manual / remote / autonomous control.
Units are connected to each other by power and data cables, presenting a train of synchronous operation. The propulsion unit provides electrical power through her diesel engine, all the wheels in both units are driven by in-built hub motors. Both units have batteries. The main vehicle unit is freed from the load of the diesel generator engine, therefore the system X can be transported by Chinook helicopters to the assigned location of operations directly. Units can decouple and recouple during the mission, depending on the conditions.
Mobility & Propulsion

The propulsion system features in a serial-hybrid configuration the
following components:

• propulsion unit (diesel generator engine + battery + hub motor
• main unit (battery + hub motor wheels)

System X units bear modular sloped armor plates that form angled
surfaces of the vehicle. Composite armor plates are made of
following layers:

• Ceramic-Aramid Composite Layer
• Adhesive Layer
• Steel Backing Plate

This composition of multiple layers, though more voluminous, shall
provide the vehicle a significant advantage in overall weight in
adverse to her all metal counter alternative.
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 18.36.18.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 18.36.28.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 18.52.38.png
tp 04 interior details.02.png
Transport & Deployment

The dry weight for the main unit is planned as 13 t.
Therefore, transport options to the area of operation:

• CH-47 Chinook Heavy Lift Helicopter
• C-130 Military Transport Aircraft
• A-400M Atlas Military Transport Aircraft

The deployment of the proposed system to the point of entry can be
achieved, thanks to her design character, in multiple layouts:

• Basic Configuration, Direct Drive (PU+MU)
• Single Unit, Direct Drive, Battery Power (PU / MU)
• Single Unit, Remote / Autonomous Drive (PU / MU)
Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 11.21.55.png
system x_04.jpg
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